The Enneagram for


The Enneagram is an ancient developmental map with incredible
power for the present day.

It’s proven for transforming personal and professional growth THROUGH MINDFULNESS when used to redefine CORPORATE culture and create highly functional teams and leaders.   


This dynamic, accurate personality map enables individuals to not only uncover their adaptive patterns of behavior, but to understand the core motivations behind their behavior.

Unlike assessments such as MBTI, DISC and others, that are also valuable,  the Enneagram utilizes our core motivators as insight to our individual strengths and de-railers to success--as well as the different ways people tend to interpret events, encounters and experiences. To put it simply, the Enneagram is not a typology system that is about putting us in a box, but rather it’s used as a map to break us out of the boxes that we find ourselves in.



With the guidance of an experienced Enneagram practitioner, this map acts as a roadmap for individuals to bolster on their strengths and overcome their personal obstacles, while also better understanding the intentions and behavior of others.

With a better understanding of ourselves, and a refined map kit for understanding others, the Enneagram empowers us to navigate our lives with greater ease and awareness, with authenticity and mindfulness in all interactions, and with knowledge of how to manage emotions in even the most challenging circumstance.



“Mindfulness should no longer be considered a “nice to have” for executives.  It’s a “must have”.

-Christina Congleton