Head. Heart. Gut.


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Each program is initiated by a self-discovery exercise, using the Enneagram framework and a guiding Enneagram practitioner.

The process results in a thorough report and breakdown of your specific personality type and its core motivations.

Our select resources for gathering and reflecting your Enneagram insights are truly unique, as they are powerful. For those who have not had the opportunity to flip through the pages of their own typology report, the initiation to our programs will be a moving experience. However, it is how the report(s) get utilized that make Culture Conscious unparalleled.

We start at the core and work outwards. The journey to self-understanding, emotional intelligence and self-improvement can be a complicated one, without truly comprehending where our individual “core” is: head, heart or gut. Culture Conscious aims to fulfill its mission by connecting with you to reveal your natural wiring, your core motivations and how they may work together to enhance your emotional intelligence as a person and employee. A process that we recognize cannot be done alone, if we hope to reap the most valuable transformation and self-improvement.



Our 2-phased pilot program, created for those who are looking to initiate their familiarity with the Enneagram, emotional intelligence or subsequent workshops through Culture Conscious.

As we feel emotional intelligence is as critical for our humanness as it is to business optimization, we welcome those to experience our Provision offering at a discounted rate.

Designed for the individual looking to understand the power of the the Enneagram and motivations that drive their behavior.  Explore is our offered as an introduction program. 

We offer this program to you, as an introduction to the power of the Enneagram and self-awareness. It is designed to uncover your personality type, and reveal a professional understanding of the core motivations that drive your behavior.

Phase I

Online individual assessment that generates a customized 40-page report.

Phase II

One-on-one assessment review (90 minutes) with summary document


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Our team program, designed to discover and unleash the superpowers of peers and leaders in a group setting.

Created for: Executive, stakeholder, marketing and multifunctional teams

We focus on team empathy, creating (or strengthening) a united team language, and to coach teams into reaping full value of one another.

Phase I

Online individual assessment that generates a customized 40-page report.


One on one stakeholder interviews (90 minutes each) with summary document


Team workshop and customized team style report and transcribed templates.

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Our advanced program, designed to bring the critical leadership qualities in each of us to the surface.

Created for: Team who have experienced and completed Build

We focus on uncovering what qualities come unique to you, for maximizing team performance, workplace dynamics and individual fulfillment. By exercising your own emotional intelligence, Master allows leaders and employees alike to empower themselves and their teams through techniques that far surpass the habit and routine of professional experience.

A customized program that may include:

  • Communication Program and team workshop

  • One-on-one sessions and assessments for new team members

  • A featured Enneagram Type-Of-The-Month (including leadership styles, communication styles and effective and ineffective feedback styles.

  • Short self-mastery practices for working with others (No more than 15 minutes of reading per month)

  • Lunch and learns + panel discussions

  • One-on-one coaching sessions, 60 minute individual sessions with individuals on the team

  • Facilitated communication sessions as needed


Advanced workshop offerings might include partnerships with other experienced Enneagram facilitators.

  • Inquire for full program insight and pricing options


"If we lack emotional intelligence, whenever stress rises the human brain switches to autopilot and has an inherent tendency to do more of the same, only harder.  Which, more often than not, is precisely the wrong approach in today's world." 

-Robert K. Cooper