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Yesterday’s culture, where we showed up as our “work selves” but hid our “true selves,” is no longer possible, or desirable. When people bring their full selves to work, they also bring their full resources, their full insight, and their full power.

Only when your people deeply know themselves and their peers can they truly become high-performing; only in digging deeper for the real source of productivity—our core motivations—can we truly become Culture Conscious.


Did you know?

Most business leaders don’t know that emotional intelligence leads to higher profitability, improved productivity, employee retention and fulfillment. So we’ve created programs to help leaders interact with their people in meaningful ways and to experience the positive results of engaged and thriving individuals and teams

Employees of managers with high EQ are 4 times less likely to switch jobs

90% of top performers have high EQ





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Power is defined as the ability to get what we want.
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christy kennedy

“It’s a thrill to witness the positive effects that these powerful maps have on humans and businesses alike.”

In nearly fifteen years of experience as a qualitative researcher and working with Fortune 1000 companies, Christy has recognized a big opportunity for today’s corporate culture. One that reshapes a common imbalance between work contributions and personal fulfillment.

Christy founded Culture Conscious as a vehicle for individuals and corporations to harness the power of humanity in the workplace. With personal experience in overcoming tremendous adversity and an advanced knowledge of the Enneagram framework, she’s proven herself as a powerhouse in building effective teams and leaders.

Her programs offer a means to self-clarity, self-compassion, increased empathy for others, more meaningful relationships, and the ability to break habits that affect how we go about solving problems--in and out of the office. Her results empower genuine growth, uncover natural superpowers in others and inspire true team unity. Christy shines as a supportive human for those looking to produce greater success for themselves and others.


"In a high-IQ job pool, soft skills like discipline, drive, and empathy mark those who emerge as outstanding."

-Daniel Goleman