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We guide the journey to emotional intelligence AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, through a practice of mindfulness and powerful frameworks.



Our effort is inspired to reinforce that we are people first and contributors second, in both our personal and professional lives. Let us help in uncovering your natural wiring, and in coaching you on how that wiring can be optimized in a personal and professional setting. We humbly believe our methods create better corporate cultures and working environments, fulfilled individuals, and connected and high performing teams.


Path to Transformation

Explore our opportunities for individual and team growth


Designed for the individual looking to understand the power of the Enneagram and motivations that drive their behavior.  Explore is offered as an introduction program. Learn more

Designed for executive, marketing and multifunctional teams. Build aims to reveal superpowers of the individual and the group, create (or strengthen) a united team language, and to guide teams into reaping full value from one another. Learn more

Designed as an advanced program, which includes 1:1 coaching, custom monthly exercises, and ongoing communications. Master is a developmental guide for teams, leaders and employees, who are looking to make intentional strides in their careers and to engage in continued learning and practice.  Learn more


christy kennedy

“It’s a thrill to witness the positive effects that these powerful maps have on humans and businesses alike.”

In nearly fifteen years of experience as a qualitative researcher and working with Fortune 1000 companies, Christy has recognized a big opportunity for today’s corporate culture. One that reshapes a common imbalance between work contributions and personal fulfillment.

Christy founded Culture Conscious as a vehicle for individuals and corporations to harness the power of humanity in the workplace. With personal experience in overcoming tremendous adversity and an advanced knowledge of the Enneagram framework, she’s proven herself as a powerhouse in building effective teams and leaders.

Her programs offer a means to self-clarity, self-compassion, increased empathy for others, more meaningful relationships, and the ability to break habits that affect how we go about solving problems--in and out of the office. Her results empower genuine growth, uncover natural superpowers in others and inspire true team unity. Christy shines as a supportive human for those looking to produce greater success for themselves and others.


The enneagram


We prefer the power of the Enneagram, as a means to equip clients with an advanced ability to understand and navigate the world.

Unlike other self-awareness methods, it’s a developmental map that goes beyond simply “defining” our behavior patterns, in order to uncover the motivations that drive those behavior patterns.  

The understanding of this drive gives way to the awareness of our natural wiring. Rather than identifying our “type,” the Enneagram allows us to best understand our “path” as someone who bares the natural wiring and superpowers that come unique to each of us.

Only through mindfulness and the Enneagram does one’s self-awareness enable such true awareness of others. A result that produces truer connections amongst teams, efficiency within workplace dynamics, and higher states of being or enlightenment.  


"In a high-IQ job pool, soft skills like discipline, drive, and empathy mark those who emerge as outstanding."

-Daniel Goleman